Hello, Goodbye

Post- Magazine, Brown Daily Herald, Family Weekend Edition, 10/13/11


Dearest mother, darling father—how kind of you to drop by. How was the flight? Plus the drive? And the 3-hour layover in Chicago, where they lost your bags? Why am I walking so fast, you ask? Well, parents, it’s not that I’m not happy to see you, it’s just that I have some things to do… What things? Ok, see, while I know that for you this is a vacation, that you journeyed over 1,000 miles to visit your kid, get a glimpse of her world, see the sights, unfortunately I have one or two things to take care of this weekend. Oh nothing major, don’t worry. There’s just this meeting I have, like, now, for a group project for my Poli Sci class, remember? I’m sure I mentioned it. And that’s it? Well, not quite. Remember that play I was telling you about, that you were so excited to see me in? The thing is, we don’t have just the one performance this weekend. We have five. As in, three nights, two matinees, and a grand total of, umm, 24 hours that I can’t spend with you. But it’ll be great! And you can see me act! It’ll be just like high school! What’s that, you say? A campus tour? Show you all my favorite spots? Let’s see, let me just check the time … Ok, well, basically this is it: classrooms, where I have class; dining halls, where I dine; and my dorm, where I dormir. Oh that? Just a bit of humor en français. Didn’t you hear? I’m taking French now. And switching my concentration. And working on an organic farm in Botswana for the summer. Didn’t you get my email? Right, sorry, well, I’d love to chat, but I really, just, I have to go. I’ve got shit to do. Sorry, Mom—stuff to do. But I’m glad you’re here! So glad! We’ll do brunch!


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