Three Times the Sexy from Thorsten Roth

Resource Magazine, 9/20/13

Thorsten-Roth, She-He-Us, fashion-video

© Thorsten Roth

Fashion photographer Thorsten Roth is at it again, this time with a sexy triptych of videos exploring the sensual curves of the human form. Directed and produced by Roth, SheHeUs is a naughty modern love story, as Veronika and Gianluca flaunt every last inch of their Calvin Klein-clad bodies, first as solo acts and then in a thumping duet, with a fourth, bonus video giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the production process.
Thorsten-Roth, She-He-Us, fashion-photography

© Thorsten Roth
Roth first published the videos in GQ Italia to coincide with the start of Milan Fashion Week. His artist statement says, “The concept of my Triptych fashion-branding videos featuring Calvin Klein Underwear was to express the multitude of layers of sensuality, sexuality and gender. It was important to me to direct and produce some clips that actually show ‘profile.’ My visual depiction of fashion reflects the complexity and the contrast of life, the way I feel about it. I keep my work emotionally authentic, which allows me to connect with my audience. Most of the time I have a dark ‘edge’ in my work – it is part of my visual translation of our human condition.”
Thorsten-Roth, She-He-Us, fashion-video

© Thorsten Roth
“I like to give fashion a profound meaning and broader dimension, because it is an important part of our lives and is deserving of recognition. From my point of view, fashion is a statement and a reflection of who we are. That awareness is always the starting point, the foundation of evolution – the journey to a better place!”
Thorsten-Roth, She-He-Us, fashion-video

© Thorsten Roth
Check it out!
Via GQ Italia.

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